Monday, July 15, 2013

My new love for Kenra hair color!!!

So today my client happen to be my good friend CC. She stopped by for a color application,  After she arrived we went on a mission to find that perfect color and I must say it was fun,and a great idea because she picked out this great color.  So what I didn't know was that the product brand 'Kenra' has a color line.  and its fabulous, I was a little nervous to try it at first so I strolled around Armstrong and checked the my normal color "go-to" line, just to compare  and needless to say I went for it. It just seemed  more vibrant! So.. here you go my Kenra experience, hope you like 


flip those locks and spray a little finishing spray to get more 

fullness and volume and a  little tease at the top will 
also go along way
Kenra 6N

Anytime one of  your long time friend stop in for an hair appointment things may get a little goofy..