Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Humm What should I do to my hair

Well I've been missing my long locks tremendously although my short do was super cute my long  hair was style has been calling my name. It seems like it been years since I've had long hair but truly it's only been about 6 months. I admit I'm a long hair extension sewing hair junky with no intentions of getting help.
So here is a picture of me on location working hard as you can tell with my short do. So tomorrow i will reveal my new look stay tuned, so excited

I'm a mother and a salon owner, hair stylist, and mentor  and It's not the easiest thing to go back to the women I once was before becoming a mother I'm sure most women understand the struggle lol,  BUT I MUST FIND HER... that sexy glammed out diva that lives within and i'm on a mission to bring her back for good. Please weigh in if you understand what i'm going threw leave a comment for open discussion. Thanks