Thursday, July 18, 2013

                    Hair Extension Care Tips                          
It's really important to use professional line products on your hair extensions especially if you are buying virgin locks by the bundle. There are little tricks that you can do to keep your locks bouncy and beautiful and silky. 


Do Use a Serum  I recommend the following , chi serum , super skinny by Paul Mitchell  which is my product of choice and bio-lace by Matrix , you can find this last product in any of your local drug stores. 

Do: After shampooing your hair at home make sure you sit under the dryer to completely dry your braids to avoid a bad smell and even worse bacteria. which is a important reason you visit your stylist on a regular 

Do: Spay your locks with a setting spray to hold your curls when thermal styling 

Do: Use a dry shampoo if needed just to take out some oils to avoid shampooing  your hair to often This is a great tip for very  women that work out on a regular basis 


Don't use a heavy conditioner anything with added moister may be a bit to much and will weigh your hair down

Don't  use heavy sprits, they contain an high amounts of alcohol  which will dry your hair and leave it dull 

Don't shampoo you to frequently 

Don't use to much heat but if you must get a heat protestant and spay before adding heat