Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Hello Ladies I wanted to talk about maintaining your hair style  between salon visits. Ok so there are many of you that visit your stylist weekly. Wrap your hair with a silk scarf or either buy a nice silk pillow case. Why you ask? Silk garments help keep the moisture in your hair. Cotten pillow cases pull out all the moiture that you've work so hard and paid lots of money to maintain. Now for the ladies that may shampoo your own hair in between salon visits you should also wrap your hair in silk or get a silk pillow case. You shoud also purchase te same products that your stylist uses on your hair. You can't have cheap products at your home. This is a No No. Keep your hair pamperd show it TLC and it will grow healthy.

The product that i use is called Morrocan Oil. Being one of the first high-end hair product lines based on the use natural argan-oil, Moroccanoil has become an instant novelty. Only four years old, the brand is not only popular in the best salons and with their A-list celebrity clients, but it has also developed into a necessity for the fashion and beauty industries.

 Only the best at my station