Thursday, January 3, 2013

Keeping your hair clean and healthy under your sew in

Keeping your hair and scalp healthy while wearing a sew in. It's important to get your hair shampoo'd every two weeks or every week if you work out or super active. It's important to get to the salon for a professional  cleansing. But when  you can't here are some tips that will help you out

Tip#1- Add shampoo to a tube like the one to the right then add water. This is for your scalp make sure your squeeze the shampoo in between your braid to ensure to get a good lather. Shampoo at least twice once with a clarifying and once with a moisturizing shampoo.
 Shampoo your extensions with non diluted shampoo .
Tip #2 - Repeat with Conditioner add a little water squeeze this solution between your braids let it sit for a minutes and rinse

    Tip#3 Spray VitaTress in your scalp after you rinse out the      conditioner this is a leave in that you can spray on  your scalp three times a     week your hair does not have to be wet. 

Tip#4 Sit under the dryerfor 45 mins+. Make sure your braids get completely dry add a cream to your scalp nothing oily and style your long locks