Thursday, December 13, 2012

Looking Fab in 5

Hot Roller Save Time...and Time Is Money

Today's Tip of The Day: Always look your best! If your a working mom or just a Lady on the move you have to figure out quick ways to glam yourself up in the morning. Hot Rollers are the way to go. You simply plug your hot rollers up and in 5mins you can roll your hair, let them sit while your doing your make-up, showering, or getting breakfast together for the family. Before you walk out the door take out your Rollers spray w/ holding spray and wa-la Glam-O

Friday, December 7, 2012

KrinaLee's Holiday Specials

After all the  shopping for friends and family  it's time to give a little back to yourself

Many times we want to go to the salon and get the works, all the add on's and extras that your stylist informs you about that will take the health of your hair to the next level. You've been working so hard this holiday season for every one else and I want to pamper you with all the "extras this holiday season"
  Sew In Special
175$ (over 25$ savings)
*includes hot towel conditioner, shampoo, cut and style

Sew In with the works
200$ ( over 65$ savings)
*includes shampoo, deep conditioning trim, cut & style

70$ (  over 35$ savings)
*deep conditioning, ,trim and style

Shampoo Style
60$ ( over 35$ savings)
*deep conditioning, trim

Make your appointment today 832-231-8350
ask for Krina
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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Ombre Baby.... I wanted to try something new o one of my young fly clients so I suggested that we try ombre and it came out fab. We used Ingora Schwarzkopf color line.
This client is natural and uses a keratin treatment to smooth out her hair to so that she can wear it slraight. Soft, bouncy, flowy hair
My faboulous client Stacyia loves to change up her look. I seems like every six weeks we are dramatically changing her style. I love this about her. This time I colored my her hair using Ingora Schwarzkopf color line. She went from a strawberry blonde red with blonde high lights to this warm chocolate brown. Then we added 18 inch hair extension to really glam up this look. . The color matched the hair extensions perfectly and i didn't have to color  them like i normally do. I'm sure you couldn't detect the hair extensions that were added it's so flawless. Contact KrinaLee @832-231-8350 for all your hair needs.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Hello Ladies I wanted to talk about maintaining your hair style  between salon visits. Ok so there are many of you that visit your stylist weekly. Wrap your hair with a silk scarf or either buy a nice silk pillow case. Why you ask? Silk garments help keep the moisture in your hair. Cotten pillow cases pull out all the moiture that you've work so hard and paid lots of money to maintain. Now for the ladies that may shampoo your own hair in between salon visits you should also wrap your hair in silk or get a silk pillow case. You shoud also purchase te same products that your stylist uses on your hair. You can't have cheap products at your home. This is a No No. Keep your hair pamperd show it TLC and it will grow healthy.

The product that i use is called Morrocan Oil. Being one of the first high-end hair product lines based on the use natural argan-oil, Moroccanoil has become an instant novelty. Only four years old, the brand is not only popular in the best salons and with their A-list celebrity clients, but it has also developed into a necessity for the fashion and beauty industries.

 Only the best at my station

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Before and After pics of this Blonde bomeshell

Before and After

 This client received a keratin smoothing treatment which managed the frizz that once took over her hair, this process last for 6 month.  This is a 2 part service they are expensive but well worth the cost. Your friends will love your hair. We also installed hair extensions to give her longer locks. I custom colored her hair extensions to make sure thet blend in pefectly. You cant tell where her extension start that what you get KrinaLee is your hair stylist. nothing but the best

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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Time get glammed up!!
It's getting hott, hott, and hotter... The best way to be able to swim style your hair everyday is to come into Jela's Epiphat salon and get a fresh sew in for the summer from KrinaLee. Get your hair styled with me and I promise you you'll come out looking Above the rest.. Remember "Life's to short to blend In"

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

This week and this week only you can recieve $25 off any hair extension service
Text code ( 25off ) to 832-231-8350 along with your contact info to set up your appointment
This code is only  good threw 6-11-12 threw 6-16-12 and must be used the same week

Thanks in advance Krina

Im a currently working at Jela's Epiphany salon in Fort worth Tx. Im excited about all the thing to come in my life and what i can bring to Jela's Epiphany salon.

                                                                     Blonde high lights and layers...

Randome Pics that my clients have taken rocking their fab Hair by KrinaLee

Extend Your Look For The Summer

My client Alexandrea has a threw out Sew in. This method is used when you want to leave the most of your hair out. You can also put your hair up in a pony tail, or other types of up do's

Below are examples of what a threw- out sew is and pics of how versatile this method is. about 90% of your hair is out which really gives a natural look The picture below are not my work just examples
 This is a very undetectable method and it's affordable and super easy to maintain, and last for up to 6-8 weeks.

You can do any hair style, so plan on getting in the mirror, you tubing KrinaLee's  how to videos

You can never go wrong with changing up your look from time to time.I find that it gives you sass confidence and a let's go out and make it happen attitude. 

Be beautiful Be Glamours
                          and Remember Life's too short to blend in!

The client Megan Sew In

Friday, June 8, 2012

Being a celebrity hair stylist was one of my biggest goals. THIS is my first step in that direction. BEHIND the senses of "Static" with Tamar Davis. Full video will be released at end of June. also check out TamarDavis on Facebook and twitter pure God given talent.