Monday, April 7, 2014

Model Make Over by KrinaLee

                       Make Over Moment By KrinaLee

Model Thalia Lizette/ Ampd Model Managment

   Thalia met me at my salon KrinaLee Hair Studio and we got started on her new This make-over had me blown away the moment I began to rise her color out. I could see the multi shades of red and brunette. After her shampoo and condition, Thalia bravely walked over and sat back down in my chair, and was just staring at this new person in the mirror! I knew that she was trying to adjust to seeing new color basically the new you! This is totally normal when your changing anything about your self, but had a feeing that she would love it and I'm so glad that she does.
Thalia's Test Shot

Why is Thalia getting this total make-over you may ask? Well, owner of Ampd Model Managment Diabe Sale asked me to be apart of the Ampd Hair Division and I was honored. His vision for transforming aspiring models to professional models is dead on, giving them all the tools they need to impress top model agencies, including a new look. As you can see,this test shoot was definitely on the money!  

So let's get into what I did for Thalia's hair we mixed two different colors by Paul Mitchell, to change her blonde lifeless tresses to a fierce redish brown! I love how vibrant their hair color line is. For Thalia's look it was important that her haircolor have multi tones for a more natural look. We then added layers to her tresses to give her that super volumed Victoria Secret hair!  

                           Thalia Lizette                           Josephine Skiriver

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