Friday, November 15, 2013

Yes Ma'am!!! Serving it with Nickak

This is a quick photo of me on the go wearinf my Nickak mineral pressed powder .
Nickak pressed powder
          A year ago my mom introduced me to Nickak Mineral Pressed Powder. It's a mineral foundation that cost $4.99.I  must admit I was very skeptical, but i couldn't really tell the diffence between that and my Mac mineral.  As a single and working Mom  you have to learn how to cut corners, bargin, and make responsible decisions. The best thing about this product is you can find it at most beauty supply stores, In and Around your neighborhood. I use Bobby Brown and Mac for  for special occassions but for my everyday, get up and go I use Nickak mineral pressed powder. It does not leave a ashly  look feel that most brand for women color that are purchased  from beauty supply's or grocery store brands. Hope this was help full feel free to comment and tell us  about your fab finds

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