Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Celebrity hair Stylist KrinaLee behind the scene with top photographer Diabe Sale


Dear Love Bugs,

It's such a blessing to see where I have come from to where I'm going now in my life and I truly feel like things are about to sky rocket, and I hope you all can be apart of that. I have worked a while in the industry, mastering in hair extensions and healthy hair growth. I believe that every women should have healthy hair and a glamours look. 
So Ladies, what are the most imoportant thing that you look for in your hair stylist and salon visits. Feel free to vent on this page all you want share the good bad and the ugly. I want to hear it all. As hair stylist we have to know what the everyday women needs and wants and what better way then to hear from the mouths of you ladies.   

KrinaLee Hair Studio -Primary Salon
3520 Williams Rd
Benbrook, Tx 76123

Sisters Couture Hair Salon - Find me here every 2nd and 4th weekend of the month
9227S. Main St. 
Houston TX 77025